Book and fetch your skates at the ice track!

Try long-distance ice skating

Tavelsjö AIK has long-distance skates to hire for anyone who wants to test what it's like to go skating on the ice track.

The long-distance rental is open between Jan - Mars.

The skates are available for rent at Sundlingska gården between 10-12 on Saturdays and Sundays. The price is 150 sek/day. Retrieval of the skates can be done at any time on the same day in a tray at the rental house.

Please observer that you need to book the skates in advance since there are a limit amount of skates for rental, see phone number below.

To use the skates, wear a strong boot (hiking boot) so that the foot becomes fairly stiff. The skates has two buckles that can be adjusted to fit the boot.

There are a total of 30 pairs of skates that are in three different lengths and fit for different sizes on the boots.

There are also 3 pair of rods/poles that can be rented for 75 sek/day

Helmet can not be rented.

Kick sledges are free to use, remember to leave them at the ice at Sundlingska gården or at the parking close to ICA matboa after use.

If you have any questions about the rental, please call us on 072-535 9910. Booking is done by students - so try to call after 16:00 (they have school daytime).

Read more about Tavelsjö ice track here

Borrow a kick-sled!

Now it is also possible to go kick-sledding on the ice, Tavelsjö Bygdeförening and other voluntairs has donated 20 kick-sleds to Tavelsjö ice track. The kick-sleds are available for lending for free at Sundlinska at the ice. You can also try out some special kick-sleds like the monomed and kick-sleds that are suitable for going with skates behind.

It's a good idea to have braces or shoes with a good grip if you are going to try the kick-sled.

Remember to leave the kick-sled at Sundlinska and report if something happened to the kick-sled.

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